Our city has been overrun with corruption, special interest groups, secret deals and misogynistic politicians. It is time for that to end, we need real people in office that care about our city.


The cornerstone of my campaign is honesty and integrity. I promise to work hard to untarnish Richardson's image.

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Please Donate

I need your help. Campaigns cost a lot of money. From signs and fliers to advertising, that is the only way to get my name out to the people of Richardson. Please help us by donating.

Please Donate

Donations help me get my message out. Even a small donation can make a big difference.


Our People

What makes our city a wonderful, unique place to live is our people. Our diverse melting pot of cultures creates a vibrant city. Our council needs to reflect that. I will represent the people of our city.


As a single parent and a hard working woman, I understand how important it is to listen and be heard. I promise to bring that determination to our council.

Did you know that no matter where you live in Richardson, you can vote for all 7 candidates? Early Voting begins April 22nd through April 30th at City Hall. Vote on May 4th at your local precinct.

Our city is changing rapidly. As we transition from a sleepy suburb to a booming, fast growing destination we must face these new challenges head on. From gridlock traffic to increased cultural diversity, our city must adapt and change to succeed.

As we grow, we need city council members that represent the real hard working people of Richardson. Those people who live paycheck to paycheck and have to make budget decisions every week to be able to pay their bills. We don't need council members who have a silver spoon in their mouth, and fein interest in the real Richardson while they take orders from the elite monied interest in our city.

What we do need is someone who appreciates the vibrant diversity that exists in our area. Someone who knows what it is like to work hard for everything she owns. Someone that understands that small businesses are crucial to our neighborhoods. Someone who thinks Richardson should be the shining jewel of the DFW area. Someone who understands it is the people that make this city great, not the stakeholders.

I believe I have the vision and the energy to shepherd our city towards this future. I am a proud, independent woman, and believe that it is our turn to have a seat at the table. If you are with me, please donate and help me get the word out. If you are with me, please donate and help me get the word out.

My name is Mauri Long and I am running for Richardson City Council Place 5.

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